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The symbol of this cape is its romantic white lighthouse

Cape Irago is located at the tip of Atsumi Peninsula, offering a spectacular view across the Pacific Ocean to Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay. The white lighthouse standing at the tip of Atsumi Peninsula has a presence symbolic of Cape Irago. On fine days you can see in front of you the beautiful contrast of the blue sea panorama with the white lighthouse, and as evening approaches, the view of the sea under the vivid twilight sunset sky and the light from the lighthouse brings on a traveling mood, in a spectacular sight that can't be seen during the day. As it is such a memorable lighthouse, it was selected as one of the '50 Lighthouses of Japan' by the Japan Coast Guard. A promenade has been built around the lighthouse, and if you look towards the Irago Channel, you can see Mie Prefecture's Kamijima Island, the setting for Mishima Yukio's novel 'The Sound of Waves (Shiosai)'.
Posted photos Main Enjoy the picturesque views of Kamijima Island, the Irago Channel, and the Pacific Ocean
Three photos Upper left Cape Irago with its lighthouse and the beautiful sandy beach of Koijigahama, upper right Enjoy a beautiful sunset on a clear day, lower The white lighthouse that protects the safety of passing ships
Address Koyama, Irago-cho, Tahara City, Aichi
* Entrance into the lighthouse is prohibited.
Phone Atsumi Hantou Visitors Bureau
+81-531-23-3516 (Japanese only)
Holidays Open Everyday
Access Take the Toyohashi Railway Atsumi Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 35 minutes, and alight at "Mikawa Tahara Station". Take the Toyotetsu Bus bound for "Iragomisaki" for approx. 46 minutes, and alight at the nearby "Iragomisaki"
URL Atsumi Peninsula (Atsumi Hantou Visitors Bureau)

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