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[Okawa River Sakura Cruise]

See the Sakura along the Okawa River and the bustle of spring from a cruise boat

When the sakura flowers along the beautiful Okawa River, the symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka, are in full bloom, a wide range of boats operate as the Okawa River Sakura Cruise over a limited period. There are so many highlights within the roughly 25-minute cruise, like the somei-yoshino that hang down along the river, and the sakura near the Osaka Japan Mint. Although the sakura seen when you look up in the parks and river banks are beautiful, the flowers seen from on the river are exceptional. The Hachikenya Ohanami Festa, which is held near the Hachikenya Pier, starts with a parade, and includes water front activities and stalls.
Posted photos Main Okawa River in spring sees various tourist boats go by
Side You can enjoy the diverse scenery on the Okawa River Sakura Cruise only available during spring
Date ● Okawa River Sakura Cruise
From March 23, 2019 to the last day of Japan Mint’s Cherry Blossom Viewing
● Aqua Metropolis Osaka River Opening 2019, Hachikenya Ohanami Festa
March 23rd and 24th, March 30th to April 7th, April 13th and 14th, 2019
* The Okawa River Sakura Cruise is scheduled to be held every year from end of March to mid April.
Address 1-1 Temmabashikyo-machi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka (Hachiken-ya hama Pier)
Phone Osaka City Cruise Promotion Council
+81-6-6942-0555 (Japanese only)
Opening hours 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (departs every 10 to 30 minutes)
* Only from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on March 23rd.
Holidays Open everyday during the period (closes in cases of heavy weather)
* Please inquire for details.
Fee Adults 1,200 yen
(One child of elementary school age or under can accompany an adult free of charge)
Elementary school students 600 yen
Children under elementary school age Free
Access Take the Midosuji Line of Osaka Metro from "Shin-Osaka" Station of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 6 minutes, alight at "Umeda Station" and walk to "Higashi-Umeda Station" of the Tanimachi Line of Osaka Metro. Take the Tanimachi Line of Osaka Metro for approx. 5 minutes, alight at "Temmabashi Station" and walk approx. 2 minutes.
URL Osaka City Cruise
* Courses may change or be canceled in cases of heavy weather etc.
* Depending on the weather and natural conditions etc., it may not be possible to see views like the ones in the photos / article. Viewing periods for flowers / autumn leaves and event schedules are subject to change.

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