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[Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja Shrine]

Pay homage to a symbol of diligence from Odawara: Master Ninomiya Sontoku

A statue of a boy reading a book with a bundle of firewood on his back-once a familiar sight at elementary schools all over Japan. The boy in the statue is known to many by the name of Ninomiya Kinjiro. Kinjiro the boy went on to become a great man of many achievements called Ninomiya Sontoku. The statue depicts how he devoted every spare moment to diligent study, starting from childhood. Master Ninomiya Sontoku is enshrined as a deity at Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja Shrine, which stands within the grounds of Odawara Castle. Two statues stand quietly within the shrine's lush green precincts-one of the boy Kinjiro and one of Sontoku, the old man.
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The two bronze statues are the symbol of the shrine, and watch over everyone who comes to worship there.
Upper left: Many wooden votive plaques bear prayers about passing exams and achieving academic success. Upper right: The torii gate at the entrance to the ruins of Odawara Castle was built with timbers that had been used in a shrine in Ise Jingu. The timbers were given to this shrine when the one in Ise Jingu was rebuilt as part of the Shikinen Sengu ritual. Bottom: Hotoku Ninomiya-jinja Shrine nestles peacefully amid lush greenery.
Address 8-10 Jonai, Odawara City, Kanagawa
Phone +81-465-22-2250 (Japanese only)
Opening hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (The gates close at 18:00, or 17:00 during the winter.)
Holidays Open every day
Admission fee Shrine grounds are free to enter
Access Approx. 15-minute walk from the east exit of "Odawara Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.

updated on Sep 30, 2019

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