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Marvel at five Buddhist statues by Unkei that evoke the golden age of the Hojo Clan

This Buddhist temple was established in the early Kamakura period by Hojo Masako's father, Hojo Tokimasa, to pray for victory in Minamoto Yoritomo's war against the Oshu Fujiwara Clan. The precincts were developed over a period spanning three generations of the Hojo Clan. The building is said to have been constructed in 1222 as a Jodo-style temple with a large pond, with Mt. Moriyama in the background. Although the current building is a reconstruction, five Buddhist statues made by Unkei when the temple was founded have miraculously survived down to the present. The statues are cultural properties of tremendous historical value, and have accordingly been designated as National Treasures. The five statues can be seen in the Omido Hall. The temple treasures on display in the treasure hall include tablets shaped like five-story pagodas, a statue of Jizo Bosatsu that is said to have been made for the seventh memorial service of Hojo Masako, and a statue of Lord Hojo Tokimasa.
Posted photos Main The Buddhist statues by Unkei (National Treasures) are housed in the Omido Hall.
Side Ganjoujuin is home to other invaluable cultural properties besides the Buddhist statues by Unkei.
Address Jike 83-1, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka
Phone +81-55-949-7676 (Japanese only)
Opening hours 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Last admission is 30 minutes before the closing time)
Holidays Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Open if Tuesday or Wednesday is a public holiday, and open from January 1 to 3)
February 3rd, July 30th to August 3rd, August 15th, December 26th to 31st
Fee ● Admission fee (ordinary and special admission)
Adults 500 yen
Junior high school students and high school students 300 yen
Elementary school students 150 yen
Access Take the Izu Hakone Railway from "Mishima Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 20 minutes, alight at "Izu-Nagaoka Station" and walk for approx. 15 minutes.

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