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Think about travelers along the Tokaido in olden times

The journey of approx. 30km from Odawara to Mishima is called Tokaido Hakone Hachiri. The Old Hakone Highway between Mishima Taisha Shrine and Hakone Pass and the surrounding area has been made into a walking course known as "Mishima Yume Kaido". Visitors get to walk the same paths travelers along the Tokaido must have walked, while feeling, through numerous stone monuments, shrines, temples, stone pavements and more, all the history that has built up there in the midst of an abundance of nature. After taking in such destinations as Sofuku-ji Temple, one of the sacred places on the Izu pilgrimage, and Yamanaka Castle Ruins with their views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, walkers make their way to Hakone Pass.
Address From Mishima Station to Hakone Pass
Phone +81-55-971-5000 (Mishima Tourist Association) (Japanese only)
Access Mishima Taisha Shrine: Approx. 13-minute walk from "Mishima Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.
Hakone Pass: Take the Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle bound for Moto-Hakoneko from "Mishima Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 45 minutes and alight at "Hakone Toge".

updated on Sep 28, 2018

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