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A famous tourist spot in Shimoda that evokes the romance of the late Edo period

This is the road Commodore Perry and his squadron marched along after arriving at Shimoda Port in the Black Ships. They went on to the historic Ryosenji Temple to sign the Shimoda Treaty, which was appended to the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity. The stone-paved street is around 400 meters long and lined with old houses with namako walls (black slate walls with white plaster grids) and buildings constructed using Izu stone. These and other examples of Shimoda's unique architecture can be seen dotted around the area, creating pleasingly quaint scenery. The buildings are used as cafés and antique shops, making this a great place to explore the shops while strolling along the street. This is one of Shimoda's must-see, retro-yet-trendy tourist spots.
Posted photos Quaint buildings line the Perry Road along the Hiraname River.
Address Shimoda City 3, Shizuoka
Phone Shimoda Tourist Association
+81-558-22-1531 (Japanese only)
Hours You can visit at any time.
Holidays Open every day
Admission fee Free
Access Take the through train that starts as the JR Ito Line Limited Express and continues onto the Izukyuko Line from "Atami Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 70 to 85 minutes, alight at "Izukyu-Shimoda Station", take a taxi for approx. 20 minutes, and walk for approx. 15 minutes.
URL Shimoda Tourist Association
Shimoda City

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