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This crescent-shaped, white sandy beach is one of "The Three Most Beautiful Beaches in Izu"

Stretching for about 1 km in a long crescent, Yumigahama Beach in Minamiizu Town is praised not only for its shape, but also for its white sand and crystal-clear water. This beach, Shirahama Beach, and Imaihama Beach are called "The Three Most Beautiful Beaches in Izu". It is wide, shallow and flanked by two capes, so the waves are calm and gentle. In summer, it is one of the most popular swimming beaches in Minamiizu, and families flock to it in droves for some fun in the water. The beach has also recently been attracting attention as a location for shooting movies and TV dramas.
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What makes Yumigahama Beach so special is not just its beautiful coastline, but also the gentle waves.
Yumigahama Beach was also selected as one of Japan's 100 best beaches by the Japan Fisheries Association in 1996.
Address Minato, Minamiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka
Phone Minamiizu Town Tourism Association
+81-558-62-0141 (English available)
Access Take the limited express (Super View Odoriko) from "Atami Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 85 minutes and alight at "Izukyu-Shimoda Station". Take the Tokai Bus bound for Irouzakikouguchi for approx. 25 minutes and alight at "Kyukamura".
URL https://yumigahama.info/%e5%bc%93%e3%83%b6%e6%b5%9c/

updated on Sep 30, 2019

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